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Cargill becomes “Founding Partner” of  CIS of Coweta


Left to right, Ryan Brooks, United Way in Coweta County Advisory Board member; Tim Glenn, Cargill; Bradley Down, Cargill; Dennis McEntire, Newnan Utilities; Jennifer L. Young, United Way, Regional Director; Gina Weathersby, Executive Director of CIS of Coweta County; Paula Hasburger: United Way in Coweta County Advisory Board member, Andy Dunn: United Way in Coweta County Advisory Board member; Sheryl Singletary: United Way, County Engagement Director; Zack Wood, Cargill; Jill Webb, Cargill; Travis Boyd, Cargill.


Communities in Schools of Coweta got a major boost in local support and resources recently when a partnership between Cargill Meat Solutions and United Way of Metro Atlanta resulted in a generous financial gift.


“We can’t say how proud and thankful we are for the tremendous support we received from both Cargill and the United Way,” said CIS Executive Director Gina Weathersby. “Both organizations have always been supportive of CIS, and this recent contribution will enable us to do so much more in our efforts to keep local high school students in school until they graduate and move on to higher education or well-paying jobs.”


“Helping this community is a big part of what we do,” said Bradley Down, of Cargill. “Communities in Schools has a great track record of helping our Coweta County students and that made it a natural for us. We support causes that support the community, and CIS is one of the best.”


For its support, Cargill has been named a “Founding Partner” of CIS of Coweta. Other businesses and individuals are currently being sought as “Founding Partners,” “Corporate Partners” and “Donors” as CIS of Coweta works to improve and expand the Coweta program.


Jennifer Young, Regional Director of United Way of Coweta County, explained the way Cargill and United Way partner to boost Cargill’s local support.


Cargill employees have the opportunity each year to pledge donations to the United Way, Young said. The Cargill home office then matches a percentage of the Newnan employees’ contributions and sends that matching money to United Way with the stipulation that the funds be directed to a particular charity or non-profit supported by United Way.


This year, CIS of Coweta was one of the organizations designated by Cargill as the recipient of their corporate contributions.


“It’s a great program,” Down said. “It really amplifies our local United Way contributions and makes it possible for us to do more than we could by ourselves here in Newnan.”


Sheryl Singletary, Development Officer, Resource Development of United Way of Greater Atlanta, agreed. “This is the ideal way for a company to give back to the community,” Singletary said. “Everybody gets more bang for the buck. And the best part is, it’s all worth it if you help somebody and that’s what we’re all doing here.”



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